Laser Toner

Laser Toner Myth Busters

#1: All re-manufactured toner is created equal.

Busted:The quality of the product depends on the method of re-manufacture. Some are simply ‘drill and fill’ – a hole is drilled in the cartridge and toner dumped in. Our manufacturer is one of the top in the nation. Laser printer toner cartridges re-manufactured by our vendor are built by highly experienced and quality conscious technicians. Each technician is an expert on specific cartridges, their unique components and the complete re-manufacturing process required to deliver an OEM quality product. Each cartridge is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Critical components, including the chip, print drum, wiper blade, toner metering blade, magnetic developer roller, primary charge roller, bushings and felts are cleaned or replaced as required. High quality compatible toner is then added. Each completed cartridge is then tested in a printer and a quality technician carefully inspects the pages. Finally, the cartridge is sealed in an airtight electrostatic foil bag and securely packaged for shipping. Selected cartridges are also tested using methods approved by the Standardized Test Methods Committee. A series of standardized tests are used to evaluate the laser printer toner cartridges for yield, image quality, and cartridge integrity. And we fully guarantee the products. More recently, we have added patented robotics technology and sophisticated manufacturing environments which have lowered production costs and increased product consistency and quality.

#2. Using re-manufactured toner will void the printer warranty.

Busted: The information is an urban legend - a falsehood. It was dealt with at the federal level and is a violation of fair trade and anti-trust. Re-manufactured cartridges do not in any way void the warranty of any printers. Please read the information concerning the Magnuson-Moss Improvement Act in the urban legend link.

#3. Using re-manufactured cartridges clog up the printers/faxes and cause problems in the long run and cost savings is consumed by repair costs and down time of staff.


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Busted: Our cartridges are built by highly trained technicians from top to bottom, start to finish. They react no differently in the printer than the OEM's. All machines need preventative maintenance cleaning periodically, depending on their usage. This cleans out any residue in the machine and keeps them running efficiently. We recommend at least twice a year. Often times the build up comes more from recycled paper being used in the machine or from the environment where they are placed. We will clean your machines for a nominal fee upon request.

#4. You don’t get the same page yield or print quality from a re-manufactured cartridge.

Busted: Our cartridges are manufactured to at least meet the same print quality and quantity as OEM cartridges. Our cartridges will often outperform OEM in both yield and density.